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Resource Governance Index: 2020 Interim Evaluation Report for the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Briefing

  • 20 August 2020

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Find more information, including the underlying data and justifications of the DRC's interim evaluation, on the Resource Governance Index website.

This report presents the results and recommendations of the evaluation of governance of the DRC’s mining and oil and gas sectors in 2018 and 2019. The evaluation was carried out according to the methodology of the Resource Governance Index (RGI), the only international index measuring transparency in countries rich in mining, oil and gas resources. This interim evaluation of the DRC was carried out in order to assess implementation of the recommendations from the 2017 edition of the RGI, and to take into consideration the progress made through recent legal reforms in the country, in particular the revision of the mining code and regulation in 2018 and their implementation. Overall, governance of the mining and hydrocarbons sectors has slightly improved since the last evaluation published in 2017. The mining sector gains 4 points, increasing its score from 33 to 37 out of 100. The oil and gas sector sees an increase of 10 points, from 25 to 35 points out of 100.