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Revisit the Most-Read NRGI Blog Posts of 2018

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  • 19 December 2018

Through a sharp, unconventional Marvel superhero movie, global audiences were exposed to fundamental resource governance themes this year. Fictional African country Wakanda’s management and control of vibranium, a miraculous metal with seemingly infinite applications, was a plot point of the global smash film Black Panther as well as the subject of two of the Natural Resource Governance Institute’s most-read blog posts this year.

Other most-read posts ranged widely, focusing on different NRGI priority countries and topics.

Readers enjoyed an introduction to NRGI’s interactive, online resource governance simulation, Petronia; celebrated a contract transparency milestone from one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world; and reacted strongly to timely analysis of the Philippines mining sector and a new petroleum register in Ghana. They were interested in NRGI expert analysis of what makes an accountable state-owned enterprise, which will be a major area of focus for the organization in 2019.

As the year draws to a close, revisit the most-read NRGI blog posts of 2018:

  1. The Political Economy of Black Panther: Who Benefits from Wakanda’s Mineral Resources?
  2. Can Petronia Avoid the Resource Curse? It’s All Up to You in a New Interactive Online Course
  3. Beyond Wakanda’s Way: 'Africanizing' Mining Sector Benefits
  4. Total Becomes First Major Oil Company to Support Contract Transparency
  5. What Makes an Accountable State-Owned Enterprise?
  6. Ghana’s New Petroleum Register Features Full-Text Contracts
  7. A Withhold up in Mongolia? Thoughts on the Renewed Tax Debate Around Oyu Tolgoi
  8. Philippines: Will TRAIN Run Over the Mining Sector?
  9. Ensuring a Fair Deal for Nigerians with Oil-Backed Loans
  10. New NRGI Board Member Carole Nakhle: Longevity of Extractives Industry Depends on Gender Inclusivity