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Debt and Fiscal Governance: How Investors Can Use NRGI's Resource Governance Index for ESG Advocacy

3 May 2022 10:00AM EDT

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On May 3, the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance (EMIA) hosted NRGI's Erica Westenberg and Anna Fleming as part of its Debt and Fiscal Governance Program webinar. Erica will discuss how NRGI strengthens global extractives governance standards and how investors can use the 2021 Resource Governance Index (RGI) to promote sustainable, inclusive development in countries rich in oil, gas and minerals.

NRGI's Resource Governance Index measures how well countries govern their extractive resources. It is a data-driven tool which provides governments, civil society, and oversight actors with a framework for ensuring that extractive sectors are governed with transparency and accountability. The 2021 RGI showed that over the last five years, resource governance scores have improved in 19 out of 22 country assessments.

Erica Westenberg leads NRGI’s portfolio of research, technical assistance, capacity development and advocacy on government and private sector policies and public oversight mechanisms that shape extractive sector governance. She is a lawyer and provides policy advice in resource-rich countries worldwide, as well as in international multi-stakeholder initiatives. Erica oversees a team of experts based in NRGI’s global and regional offices and contributes to the strategic direction of the organization. She is also a member of the board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Anna Fleming works on a range of global research and data projects at NRGI, including the Resource Governance Index, and supports the use of data and data visualizations across the organization.

Moderated by Fergus McCormick, director of Sovereign Research, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance