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Raw Materials for Electric Mobility: A Development Perspective

7 July 2021 10:30AM BDST

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  • Ending 11:30AM BDST

15:30 CET

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Digital presentation of the GIZ publication "Raw Materials for Electric Mobility - a Development Perspective"

When it comes to sustainability in the transport sector, it is not only the use of renewable energies that plays a major role, but also the procurement of the necessary raw materials for new energy technologies. Above all, the production of batteries for electric vehicles, for example, is very raw material intensive. E-mobility is not possible without raw materials. A large proportion of the raw materials required for batteries come from developing and emerging countries. For them, the enormous increase in demand for raw materials offers opportunities but also challenges.
The publication will be officially launched in a digital event on July 7th, 2021 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm (CET). In addition to the presentation of the study, the event will host the following speakers:

  • Jens Giersdorf, Advisor, TUMIVolt, GIZ
  • Heike Henn, Director for Climate and Energy; sustainable development; environment, BMZ
  • Nataly Jürges, Research Associate, Extractives and Development, BGR
  • Lisa Stellner, Advisor, Extractives and Development, GIZ
  • Nicolas Maennling  Head of project “Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Mining in the Andean Countries (MinSus), GIZ
  • Juan Luis Dammert, Latin America Director, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Johannes Betz, Researcher at Öko-Institut e.V.
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