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Rethinking Resource Nationalism: Cash Grab or Fair Share? (Mining Indaba)

7 February 2024 2:40PM SAST Westin Stage 1, Cape Town International Conference Centre

  • Conference

  • Ending 3:20PM SAST

Is the increase of exports bans of unprocessed minerals a sign of a wider trend across Africa? How have mining companies reacted to this continental shift? Does the uncertainty of access affect investment? What effect has the move towards greater beneficiation requirements had on existing and future mining projects? How can increased nationalism around mineral assets affect producers, specifically when considering beneficiation, ownership ambitions and greater employment?

This session will feature:

  • Claude Baissac, CEO, Eunomix
  • Warren Beech, CEO, Beech Veltman Incorporated
  • Benedito Paulo Manuel, Director General, Sociede Mineira de Catoca LDA
  • Silas Olan'g, Africa Energy Transition Advisor, NRGI (moderator)
  • Jeff Quartermaine, CEO, Perseus Mining
  • Hulme Scholes, Director, Malan Scholes
Cape Town, South Africa
Mining Geopolitics