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Africa’s Energy Transition Blueprint: Opportunities and Challenges (COP27 Blue Zone Event)

14 November 2022 9:30AM EEST

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  • Ending 10:30AM EEST

South Africa Pavilion, Blue Zone, Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center

This session presented a blueprint for Africa’s energy transition, highlighting the opportunities and challenges to getting all African nations on the path to a new energy era


It outlined that Africa is the key to unlocking global Net Zero goals and that countries should not be blindsided by the fossil fuel industry. Favorable weather conditions, coupled with the record low equipment price of new solar makes Africa one of the most suitable continents to capitalize on the new solar era. It is however important to flag that certain key economic factors still linger and may halt the accelerated growth of solar within the continent.   

The objective of this session was to use key case studies to emphasise how Africa can successfully transit to a post-fossil future with solar power at the heart of the blueprint. The event included a short presentation of Carbon Tracker’s latest report. 

Speakers included: 

  • Nafi Chinery, interim Africa director, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • ​(Chair) Richard Folland, policy and government affairs adviser, Carbon Tracker
  • Kofi Mbuk, cleantech analyst, Carbon Tracker
  • Janet Rogan, UK COP26 climate envoy for Africa and the Middle East
  • Amos Wesmanya, senior advisor for renewable energy and just transition, Power Shift Africa