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  • 1 September 2022


The Resource Remix: Europe's Gas Crunch, African Supply, and the Energy Transition


In a new episode of NRGI's podcast, economists Silas Olan'g, Carole Nakhle and Theophilus Acheampong dissect the implications of recent shifts in energy markets for gas-producing African countries, with an eye toward COP27. Available on YouTubeSoundCloudSpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Colombia: Inclusion and Upgraded Governance Are the Keys to Petro’s Energy Transition Ambition

Under new President Gustavo Petro, Colombia's energy transition must include diverse voices and be transparent, NRGI experts write. His administration must define clear policy frameworks for managing the progressive decline in production of fossil fuels, the need for economic diversification and the new governance challenges of renewable energies and transition minerals. (Adapted from a longer Spanish-language commentary.)

Uganda’s Local Governments Need Clarity on Oil Revenue Sharing
Uganda's Public Financial Management Act provides for the sharing of oil royalty revenues with local governments. But the law is vague about the precise sharing mechanism, which is creating problems for subnational authorities.

Challenges for Lithium Governance in Mexico


The recent discovery of lithium in Sonora and the reform of Mexico’s mining law have opened a discussion on the risks and opportunities of the exploitation and use of the mineral. In this video, experts explore how to turn the lithium discussion into an opportunity to improve mining governance standards in the country.


Diversification and Divestment Strategies for Oil and Gas Companies: Pemex and the Energy Transition
On 26 September, at the International Conference on Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy, NRGI's Andrea Furnaro will discuss diversification and divestment strategies for oil and gas companies, providing perspectives on Pemex and the energy transition.

Financial Times Energy Transition Summit 2022
NRGI's Nafi Chinery will join a panel in London on 18 October to speak about just energy transitions, sharing perspectives from Ghana and Nigeria.

MIT Conference on Mining, Environment, and Society: Community Relations and Mining
On 9 September, the Environmental Solutions Initiative will  host the virtual "MIT Conference on Mining, Environment, and Society." NRGI's Roger Vutsoro will join from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to discuss community relations and mining in the context of the climate crisis. Register.

Minerals and the Energy Transition: Key Findings and How Africa Can Leverage Its Potential
The recording of the most recent event in a series for civil society actors in East and Southern Africa is now available. Speakers highlighted the impact of climate change and the energy transition on mining, focusing on transition minerals in the global supply chain.

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