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NRGI’s Top 10 Blog Posts in 2017

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  • 10 December 2017

Natural Resource Governance Institute blog posts highlight the expertise and insight of a global team. Some offer high-altitude views on governance trends; others inform readers about niche research NRGI staff have conducted.
As in 2016, this year’s top 10 most-read blog posts covered a range of countries and governance topics. The most-read post of 2017 was a close look at nagging opacity in Nigeria oil sale contracts from NRGI senior governance officer Aaron Sayne. Readers this year were keen on windows into macroeconomic crises in Venezuela and Mongolia, longer-form analyses using data from the new Resource Governance Index, and news of concrete progress on payment-to-government data from major oil and gas companies, among other topics. 
As an eventful year in resource governance draws to a close, revisit these top 10 reads from NRGI: 

  1. Nigeria’s 2017 Oil Sale Contract List Shows New Names, Old Tendencies
  2. The Challenge of Adding Value in Tanzania’s Mining Sector
  3. Countries Struggling with Governance Manage $1.2 Trillion in Resource Wealth
  4. In a Low-Carbon Future, Better Mineral Governance Could Power Development
  5. Oil Company Data on Payments to Governments is Now Coming Thick and Fast
  6. Why is Venezuela’s Oil Sector So Shattered?
  7. Mongolia’s Crisis Averted—For Now
  8. U.S. Policy on Shell Companies Enables Corruption. Congress Can Change That.
  9. Oil Companies Face Stranded Assets, But Producer Countries Have It Worse
  10. Ghanaian Government Commits to Full-Text Disclosure of All Petroleum Contracts