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Year-end Greetings from NRGI President and CEO Suneeta Kaimal

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  • 16 December 2022

Dear friends and partners,

2022 has been a year of global transition. From unprecedented events to “polycrisis.” From Zoom rooms to conference centers. From Europe’s green drive to its renewed pursuit of gas. Through it all, NRGI has brought our analysis, partnerships and political acumen to help reformers in resource-rich countries face the future.

From peace to provocation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reverberated beyond the continent’s borders. We remain in solidarity with friends, colleagues and partners in Ukraine as the violence continues, while helping policy makers and citizens in Africa and Latin America to understand the implications of the changing geopolitical landscape. When political upheaval came to Colombia, where President Gustavo Petro swept to power on promises to lead the country out of fossil fuel dependency, NRGI supported reformers inside and outside of government to use this moment to advance a just energy transition.

From enabling to disabling corruption. Though authoritarian regimes sustained by the extractive sector continue to undermine the global fight for democracy, we saw global progress on anticorruption. Commodity trader Glencore admitted to bribery in multiple countries, and as authorities in the U.K. and elsewhere bared teeth against such transgressions, NRGI and our partners sought to ensure that the convictions lead to meaningful change. As a complement to enforcement efforts, NRGI provided groundbreaking guidance on corruption prevention in partnerships with state-owned enterprises and in critical mineral supply chains.

From crisis to opportunity for just transition. NRGI made meaningful contributions to climate action, most notably at the COP27 climate conference. In Sharm el-Sheikh we helped to advance thinking on just energy transition partnerships with gas-producing countries (including in our recently expanded engagement in Senegal), as well as the importance of mining governance to successful transitions. These policy pushes were informed by national dialogues that we had convened with partners in Ghana, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

From intention to action on becoming a more global organization. Following concerted reflection on diversity, equity and inclusion in our practices, policies and programming, we took concrete steps to enact these values in our everyday work.

This year we have offered special thanks to three departing governing board members who have shaped who we are today and where we are headed: Paul Collier, Yuli Ismartono and Warren Krafchik. And, under the leadership of our new chair Gilbert Houngbo, we welcomed new board members Magdalena Sepúlveda and Zainab Usman.

To our allies—reformers and civil society leaders, thought partners, governance champions and funders—we offer our deepest appreciation. As NRGI undergoes its own strategic, organizational and operational transitions, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn, act and face the future together with all of you. 

With warm regards and best wishes,

Suneeta Kaimal
President and CEO

Top image by Anamaria Mejia for Shutterstock