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NRGI Impact Stories

  • Briefing

  • 25 August 2020

NRGI's work impacts stakeholders in many different places and at many levels, ranging from communities to international institutions. Learn more about these impacts here:

Global impacts

Supporting EITI to Strengthen Global Extractives Governance Standards

The Resource Governance Index Drives Reform

IMF Strengthens Global Resource Governance Norms With Its Fiscal Transparency Code

Reaching Wider Populations with Global Online Courses

Anglophone Africa

Safeguarding Ghana’s Petroleum Funds and Ensuring a Resilient Recovery

Demystifying Ghana’s Agyapa Royalties Deal

Improving Contract Transparency in Ghana’s Petroleum Sector

Making Legislative Inroads in Ghana Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

Nurturing Civil Society Engagement in Tanzania

Supporting Social Media Debates About Nigeria's Oil Sector

Better Management of Nigerian Oil Sales

Nigerian Media Illuminates Oil Scandal


Mongolia’s State-Owned Mining Company Publishes Key Information, Improving Transparency


Ukraine Legislates Extractives Sector Transparency and Accountability

Francophone Africa

Guinean Communities Benefit from Mining Revenues and Civil Society Capacity Building

Laying Foundations for Civic Engagement and Government Accountability in Guinea (2011-2020)

Mining Revenues Flow to Provinces and Communities in the DRC

DRC Communities Engage with Multinational Mining Companies

Guinea Realizes More Revenues From Mining, Publishes Contracts

Latin America

Improved Contract Transparency Practices in Mexico

Civil Society Actors Play Key Role in Colombia EITI Entrance

Middle East and North Africa

Civil Society Playing Key Role in Extractive Sector Reform in Once-Autocratic Tunisia

Contract Disclosure Secured in Tunisia

Knitting the Fabric of Civil Society Activism in Tunisia (2013-2020)